New AV Guitar Scociety Website

10 11 2012

The AV Guitar Society will be migrating to the NEW AV Guitar Soceity Website.  This is No Change in Meeting Place or Meeting Day and Time…

New AV Guitar Society URL is:

Jack Miller President, AV Guitar Society


Signup sheet for DesertSong OpenMic on Friday, June 17th at Butlers Coffee

19 06 2011

While I was emceeing the mayhem, my brotherofanothermother Ray Hofstedt sat down and began doodling. When Ray doodles, though, the coolest things happen…so here’s what he did to the signup list from that night.  If we keep having this many signups even for standbys, we may have to try and add another openmic every month.  Stay informed about all the independent live music in the High Desert:

scan of the signup sheet Ray beautified


Déjà vu All Over Again With John Fogerty

1 01 2010

            Full disclosure and a true confession:  I don’t play guitar, and I both admire and envy those that can and do.  But if I ever run into the Guitar Genie, and should he then offer to grant me just one wish to play like anyone in the world, my response would be immediate and unambiguous.

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Tom Russell at McCabe’s

1 01 2010

            In a perfect world, you really ought to hear a legendary performer at a legendary venue.  Such was the case on December 5th, when Americana icon Tom Russell performed to a packed house at McCabe’s Guitar Shop in Santa Monica.

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The Beautiful World of Eliza Gilkyson

18 11 2009

Eliza Gilkyson

One of the best singer-songwriters roaming the Americana scene recently played in front of about seventy people at the Grant R. Brimhall Library in Thousand Oaks as part of the Bodie House concert series.  Midway through the show, when Eliza Gilkyson called for requests, she received the predictable response:

“’Man of God’!”  chorused half-a-dozen front-row folks.

“Y’know, I’m taking a break from that one for a while,” Gilkyson drawled thoughtfully about the song that is a scathing indictment of the Bush administration’s policies and actions.  “I think we have enough on our hands to worry about these days, don’t we?”

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The Barry Baughn Blues Band

9 11 2009


 I’ve heard live music in all sorts of different settings:  concert halls, homes and coffeehouses, clubs and casinos, auditoriums, amphitheaters and churches and, once, at a Laundromat on Sunset Boulevard.  Until last week, however, I’d never heard a show on the outdoor patio of a seafood restaurant.

 It was a chilly Friday night in Palm Springs, just before Halloween, and the restaurant in question was really two restaurants built on one site: Fisherman’s Market and Grill facing the street, and Shanghai Red’s, a small tavern and oyster bar, nestled in back.  In a little alcove in between was wedged the Barry Baughn Blues Band.

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John Wort Hannam – House Concert

27 10 2009

John Wort Hannam - Slater-Lunsford House Concert 10/25/09

A Canadian with a Country Voice?  This is amongst my first thoughts that come to my mind when attending the Slater-Lunsford house Concert on Sunday, October 25th, Lancaster, CA.  But then again, do I really know what a Canadian sounds like in the first place?

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